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Loving Yellow

I’d been obsessing lately about yellow shoes. I’d seen many a cute pair but nothing said “buy me” until I came across these babies. Mmm yellow goodness. I’m really loving the bows and the kitten heel.

Me Too “Payton” $89 is available at Zappos

In other news, I’m back from my vacation to Ohio. I went out there for a few days to visit family since I hadn’t been there in years (I’m a bad relative). There was nothing really planned but we ended up at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame one day. One thing I hate about vacations is eating out every single meal. I’m so happy to be home to my hubby who made me a great home cooked dinner the first night back 🙂 Oh and I didn’t get the tan I wanted, darn…

Marshalls- I love me a bargain

I’d seen these N.Y.L.A ‘Zinnia 2’ sandals at Nordstrom for $44.95.

Oh happy dance, I found them at Marshalls for $24.95 bwahahahaha

I’m boring, I got them in black, but they also carried the bone color as well (not in my size). I also love when they sell my favorite shampoos by Frederic Fekkai for $13 instead of their normal price of $23.

Are you a bargain shopper? What’s the best bargain you’ve ever found? Let me know in the comments!

Thursday Tricky Tricks

It’s been like 80 degrees here everyday this week. That means the toes come out from hibernation. To celebrate the heat wave I bought new sandals for worky work.

They’re Cole Haan’s with Nike technology, which I highly recommend if you do a lot of walking or standing at your job.

Breaking in shoes: To break in new or tight-fitting leather shoes easily, soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. Swab the inside of the shoe where it needs stretching. While the shoe is wet, knead the shoe insides with your fingers and gently stretch the shoe from the outside wherever it is tight. Walk around in the shoe while it dries to further loosen it up. The rubbing alcohol will not damage the leather, but it will break the leather in. This trick doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a shot if you have evil shoes.

Me Likey

I had to have them.

That’s 4.5 inches of total black patent leather goodness.

The best part about this shoe? It has a fabric cuff at the top! That makes this
shoe by MICHAEL Michael Kor’s so comfy!

Michael Kor’s shoes are known for not only their quality but the way he arches his shoes, reduces fatigue in the feet. Nothing’s worse than dancing in shoes that only last an hour. These are the shoes to get you back to your car that you didn’t valet that night.

Oh Betsey Johnson, I love you. I couldn’t pass you up for $38.

I like stuff.

I saw a chica wearing these today.

Momma wants… These are going to look so hot with leggings and skinny jeans. It’s not Spring yet anyway 😉

Available at Nordstrom

Shades of Neutrality

I like me some naked looking shoes. They makes your legs look longer and they go with everything.

Meet some friends of mine.
This is ‘Alexandra‘ by Jessica Simpson

A very personal friend of mine, ‘Anne’ by B. Makowski

‘Rollick’  by Charles David is pretty hot

‘Peep Toe’ by Forever 21 wishes she had a better name

Lastly, there is my bestie ‘Kick Up Your Heels’ by Seychelles

Are you liking any shoe trends for this Spring season?

Stuff I need…

An IM convo to my friend Jennie:

heh going to post about coach
because im bag
lololol freudian slip

I’m really needing a new wallet, and, lucky for me, I received a coupon in the mail from Coach for 25% off. For everyday, I like medium wallets, but right now my wallet looks like I’ve run it over with a car then proceeded to jam my entire life into it.

After looking at the Coach website, I’m really liking these wallets:

Which one do you think I should get?

Dang, why did I have to go looking at shoes… I kind of need these

Just lusting over these ones…

All stuffie stuff available at

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