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MAC To the Beach Haul

I hauled a few things from MAC’s To the Beach collection.  Had I known everything was going to sell out the first day I would have bought Sweet & Punchy while I was at it but oh wells. I can’t wait to try everything out! Let me know what you hauled from this collection in the comments!

Click on the pics for full size.

My precious… Marine Life High-light Powder- definitely more of a shimmery coral blush. For some reason it makes me sing “my little pony.”

Hipness blush: a bit pinker and brighter than Instant Chic

Left to right: Beach Bound and Lazy Day. Beach Bound is a pretty peach color that doesn’t turn a horrible orange color on my lips. It’s a very pretty nude type of lip. Lazy Day is almost a glossier more pigmented version of Angel lipstick.

Flurry of Fun lipglass contains teal reflects. Super pretty over lippies!

Disclosure- products featured were bought by yours truly.
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Benefit Jing A Ling LOTD

Gimme a ring a ling, when you want some JING A LING!

Benefit Silky Finish Lipstick in Jing A Ling is a my lips but better kind of shade. It wears very light yellow-pink with a slight gold sheen. Given that it’s a silky finish, the lippie itself is very slippery and moisturizing on the lips. It wears about a few hours before I feel I need to reapply it. I love how it looks like a lipstick-gloss hybrid without the sticky feeling of a gloss.



No lippie

Disclosure- product featured was bought by yours truly.

My Very Small MAC Lippie Collection

For shits and giggles I thought I’d show off my small MAC lipstick collection. I always enjoy seeing other’s collections, so I figured why not take pics of my used lippies and post them for yall to see 😉 As always, click on the pics to make them larger.

I couldn’t find a couple lippies, but here’s what I’ve got. I’m actually not the biggest fan of MAC lippies. I find Dior, Lancome, Chanel, and YSL to have better formulas. Stay tuned for my much larger eyeshadow collection.

Left to right: Viva Glam V, Syrup, Plum Dandy, Angel, Culture Class, Ultra-Madame, “O”, Frenzy, Sophisto, Capricious, Bunny Pink, Hug Me, Hue, Beigeland, Bubblegum, Colour Me Coral, Viva Glam IV, Nude Rose

Left to right: Viva Glam V, Syrup, Plum Dandy, Angel, Culture Class, Ultra-Madame

Left to right: “O”, Frenzy, Sophisto, Capricious, Bunny Pink

Left to right: Hug Me, Hue, Beigeland, Bubblegum, Colour Me Coral

Left to right: Bubblegum, Colour Me Coral, Viva Glam IV, Nude Rose

My favorites of the bunch are Angel, Nude Rose, and Hue. What are your favorite MAC lippies? Let me know in the comments!

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