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Thursday Tricky Tricks

It’s been like 80 degrees here everyday this week. That means the toes come out from hibernation. To celebrate the heat wave I bought new sandals for worky work.

They’re Cole Haan’s with Nike technology, which I highly recommend if you do a lot of walking or standing at your job.

Breaking in shoes: To break in new or tight-fitting leather shoes easily, soak a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol. Swab the inside of the shoe where it needs stretching. While the shoe is wet, knead the shoe insides with your fingers and gently stretch the shoe from the outside wherever it is tight. Walk around in the shoe while it dries to further loosen it up. The rubbing alcohol will not damage the leather, but it will break the leather in. This trick doesn’t always work, but it’s worth a shot if you have evil shoes.

Beauty Knowledge: When to toss beauty products

Ever wonder when to throw away a beauty product such has hair gel, lipstick, or an eye cream into the trash?

This little open jar emblem will be on the product itself and the packaging. The picture above indicates that this product should be chucked after 9 months from it being opened.

One more bit of knowledge for the heck of it.

What side is your gas tank on?

 It’s wherever the little arrow indicates that it is. This car’s gas tank is on the left as indicated by the white arrow on the gas gauge.

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